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The success of Vertical Shadows owes much to the generosity and commitment of our patrons and audience. With each passing year, the difference that can be made by private individuals becomes more important to sustaining the company at its current level of scale and style.


As a non-government funded independent company that provides professional dancers with paid work and the opportunity to be a part of world class productions, we rely on special individuals and companies like yourself to leave your footprint on the arts. When selecting Vertical Shadows as your avenue into the arts, patrons involved have the pleasure of being assured their contribution is firstly helping create jobs for both established and up and coming artists and thus helping us to create transcending theatre experiences for our audiences.


Our shows attract a discerning audience of all ages including industry professionals, dance students and teachers, artists, designers, actors, parents, directors for film & television and more. Vertical Shadows taps into various advertising avenues including social and dance media, newspapers, dance studios, theatres and more, giving your company's sponsorship increased exposure.


We would love to have you join the Vertical Shadows community with a sponsorship that suits the needs of your business while supporting our unique company and the arts scene at large.



For more information on the benefits of becoming a patron, please contact our arts administrator at


Vertical Shadows is made possible by the generous contributions by Susan Thacore @ The National Theater Melbourne & The Space Dance & Arts Center

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